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Let's start off things the way we usually do: with an app-post!

Character name: Mickey Mouse.
Series: Kingdom Hearts-canon.
Age: Series treats him as an adult.
Job: Captain of camp’s tour boat.

Canon: The forces of darkness are gathering throughout the multiverse, their sights set on the annihilation of all that is light and just. Heroes chosen by weapons of legend must rise to the occasion and fight this cataclysmic battle across the cosmos, striking down evil wherever it can be found! One of them happens to be Mickey Mouse, king of Disney Castle where everything works according to cartoon logic. These and many other strange events are commonplace in Kingdom Hearts, the collaboration of video game juggernaut Square-Enix and fairy tale-tellers and movie makers Disney, where Disney-stories serve as worlds in a setting where ships made out of candy dogfight in outer space, there can never be enough zippers or zany accessories, and good always triumphs over evil.

If one expects King Mickey to be posh and proper just because he’s a king, one would be mistaken. While not entirely the same carefree jokester he is in the animated shorts, Mickey is still a kindhearted mouse who always tries to see the best in everyone, support them during their time of need and keep his eyes firmly set on the most optimistic ending. He is an experienced warrior and leader who does his best to give guidance to the plucky young heroes he encounters, but who understands and respects those who are trying to fight their own battles. Neither pushing what he believes onto others or accepting threats against that which he holds dear, Mickey manages to be a kind king, stalwart warrior and thoughtful planner… who has no issues at all with hugging whomever needs hugs. He is simply put the best friend a gang of kids with improbable hairstyles and a mission to save the universe could ever hope to have.

Sample App:

Alright, if everyone’s seated I’d like to start off by welcoming ya’ll onboard the Steamy FantaSea 4. I know the name’s a bit strange, but all things considered strange seems to be a pretty good summary of this place. From gettin’ a message askin’ you to come help build a theme park-world for multiple worlds without tellin’ them there's a barrier around said world trappin' everyone who goes near, to havin’ the welcomin’ committee be an octopus that needs to learn there’s something like too many hugs… gee, I mean there’s a reason we're already up to The Steamy FantaSea 4, I can tell ya that much.

Still, I’m not gonna get outta here by complainin’. Let me introduce myself: the name’s Mickey Mouse, king of Disney Castle and world traveller. Miss Sayre decided to make me a tour guide so I could talk up camp to the newcomers, since she heard I ”had over half a centuries experience hawking all kinds of shoddy merchandise to little kids”… I got a feelin’ there’s more to that than her just tryin’ to insult me, but for the moment I figure the best thing to concentrate on is getting this job on the road: literally speakin’ since we’re lakelocked right now. I know it’s risky havin’ a meeting out here, but as long as we just keep the volume down while the workers prepare our ’river-road’ outta here we’ll be fine.

Ha ha, that’s right: ya can’t have a tour without a scenic route, but since I don’t wanna step on any toes I tried to figure out a way to get it done quickly and without hurtin’ camp. Everythin’ worked out though, because I found some local talent willin’ to help me out real fast: moles and pelicans! The moles’ll dig a river out of the lake that I can travel on, throwin’ up all the dirt in the air so the pelicans can catch it in their beaks and dump it behind the boat. That way we keep camp just the way it is AND can go wherever we wanna go! How they breathe underwater? Miss Sayre lent me snorkels! How they can survive in lakewater? Well, she also gave me these really tiny hazard-divin’-suits- Hey, hey, calm down! I get that ya want your own hazard suits, but getting angry at those who have them's not gonna solve anything. I’d like to help ya, but the ones they got are so small the only way ya could wear them is if ya took lots of them and sew them together- hey! Don’t all jump in, ya can’t take their suits! Besides you’ll wake up Marcy- scratch that, she’s already awake! Everyone, sit down, I’m gonna have to get serious here!

… There, that barrier will slow her down. But it’s not gonna last forever so we need to act fast: Gorillas, start shoveling coal in the engine and pull up those who jumped in, toucans head to the wheel and take us to that spot of land, zombies… just keep all extremities over the railing! Don’t worry, just blaze right ahead! See? Told you the moles could dig us out of here! And with the pelicans blocking up the path behind us, we’ll be out of tentacle reach in no time! All thanks to the power of team-work and believin' in each other overcoming the power of fear!

… Ha ha, come on, what’s with those groans? Ya gotta expect cheesy lines from a mouse!

Voting took place here, and Mickey was voted in with 94.2 % of the votes!
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