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Brook is, as has been stated by other Strawhats, just going for broke and picking ALL of the AU's. Crazy shenanigans ahoy! All of the shenanigans. All of them.

Faust wil be from an AU where the assassin that was sent out to break his mind by murdering his patient never succeeded- as such Faust is perfectly sane, and not Faust at all! He is still "Doctor Baldhead", but he did eventually become a fighter as the PWAB continued to hunt him down, forcing him to live underground and only administer medicinal treatments to people who could find him. He's in other words crazy dedicated, somewhat paranoid and slightly harried, but otherwise a pretty okay guy. No way near as crazy as usual.

Vincent is from an AU where DoC ended with him leaving the planet with the Lifestream... so, yeah. He's just Chaos now, and an assorted number of other beasts. Or I MAY flake out and just have him be the Vincent Valentine that will eventually, MILLIONS OF YEARS LATER, see the planet off on his own. I am still tossing and turning ideas here.

Mickey Mouse will be from the AU that Sora, Riku and Kairi decided on, with a twist: Mickey couldn't stop searching for Aqua inside the World of Darkness, and had many battles where he tried to keep the worlds safe during the long period between BBS and KH1 that eventually, coupled with his constant looking and visits to the World of Darkness, altered him. Made him more cynical and bitter about his own abilities, but also far more gruff, battle hardened and action-heroy.

He is, in other words, like a cross between Solid Snake and Bugs Bunny, more than a friendly Gandalf meets Yoda. I am essentially just doing this so that I have a reason to have Mickey cuss, act like a gruff dick, and drink. He's still total BFF's with Kairi though, and helping her crawl pull herself up from the World of Darkness lead to him cleaning up his act and finally visiting his home for the first time in years. He routinely gives her sage advice such as how a relationship with two boys might SEEM rewarding, but "You'll be blowin' through condoms like some people blow out birthday candles. And don't think fer one minute they'll be the ones buyin' 'em, oh no, that's all on the shoulders of the one smart fella on the island".

Still, he supports her decisions and generally trusts her to do the right thing.

Your name is DAVE STRIDER, and you are possibly the greatest SLAM POET Alternia has seen in thousands of sweeps. Unfortunately your candy red blood means that your fellow trolls are too disgusted by you to attack you, and they can't wait to stuff your freakish mutant onehorned head on their mantlepiece.

You have as a result become WICKED AWESOME at combat, thanks to the teachings of your constantly shadesporting HOOFBEAST LUSUS, who never misses a beat to try and indoctrinate you in the ways of Alternian High Art and slam poetry. You have taken to one, and is incredibly disturbed by the other. Fortunately you have built a crew of cool pals over the years and things would be awesome if not for that whole thing with SGRUB and how your session was fucked the hell up by some weird pasty hornsless asses. You trolled them all pretty good first, but have recently been leaning more and more towards some of them possibly being pretty cool dudes after all and also not responsible for your game. And now, it is time to see what this new world shall bring...

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